Neven Pilipović (born 2nd October 1984) is a German, Yugoslav-born, London based actor who is known for his role as Jonathan in the Netflix Original Drama “THE LAST WORD” (2020) and as Draco in the TATORT episode “ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 08”. Neven has been active since 2006 within the Indie-Film landscape and had multiple lead-role experiences in independent feature short films. Neven had his debut in 2017 and 2018 on German and French television on ARTE and on the ARD program. In the fictional documentary drama, “THE SLAVS – OUR MYSTERIOUS ANCESTORS” (French: “Les Slavs”), he was seen in the lead role of Boleslav, the Great. The show broadcasted on ARTE, ARD, MDR, and RBB.

Neven is an active member and parkour free-runner at Parkour Generations London.
Some of his other skills are Combat-fighting (Basic Stunts, Stage Fencing, Shōtōkan Karate, Axe and Shield Fight) and Scuba Diving (CMAS* Bronze).

Besides his classic performing arts education in Berlin, he continued to sing and perform on the streets of Berlin. Because environmental causes are very close to his heart all the money he generated from these street performances, he donated to environmental protection organizations. His Baritone repertoire reaches from Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 105″ to Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine.”

The three fundamental values of Neven:

On top of his acting education, he has two academic degrees. His qualitative behavioral sciences research dedicates to analyzing patterns of psychological violence, especially tackling cyberbullying and cybercrime phenomena.
His latest endeavor is his master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Neven is also passionate about the international project market. In 2018 he worked with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) within THE PACT program.
Their goal was to execute the design and creation of a digital platform for HIV prevention called Uproot. Furthermore, his international experience goes from Sweden to Nicaragua, where he lived for a while and worked on welfare support.,. In Nicaragua, in 2015/2016, he worked with the NGO “Innerchange WORKS,” an NGO which works to maintain and develop a children’s theatre project in Managua’s Acahualinca.

Lastly, Neven has a big heart for people in socio-economic disadvantaged life situations. Therefore, he dedicates his life dominantly to the prevention of violence. Next to his scientific research programs, he is leading a group called STOP Cybermobbing/Cyberbullying. Also, he assisted the coordination of a three years EU ERASMUS+ Project with the focus on international exchange and social topics within European countries.

Neven is a genuine down to earth person. His activities are trackable up to visiting several elementary public schools, universities, and NGOs and holding interactive prevention workshops.